General Information

Bangladesh High Commission in Singapore has been rendering various Welfare services to the Bangladeshi nationals residing in Singapore and Timor-Leste. Detailed information of the services provided by the High Commission are contained in specific segments of the Website. A brief view of the services is, as follows:

1. Office Time for Welfare Services

Generally, official working hours of the High Commission during weekdays (Mon-Friday) are from 09:00 (0900 hours) am till 05:00 pm (1700 hours) [Exception: Government declared holidays or specific days announced by the High Commission]. Submission of any sort of application especially attestation of IPA (In-Principal Approval) is from 09:30 am (0930 hours) till 13:00 pm (1300 hours). IPA attestation is done on spot. Other applications are addressed according to the merit of the cases.

2. Attestation of IPA (In-Principal Approval)

a. Work Pass & Employment Pass (Authorization Letter Sample Click here)

b. Maid Visa Attestation

3. Membership of WEWB (Wage Earners Welfare Board)

a. Online application verification and confirmation

4. Death Case Settlement

      a. Liaison among the company, Casket, MOM, WEWB & NOK

         (MOM-Ministry of Manpower)

         (WEWB- Wage Earners Welfare Board)

          (NOK – Next of Kins)


5. Compensation case settlement

       a. Liaison among the company, MOM, WEWB, Law Firm & NOK

       b. Legal support

       c. Interpretation support

       d. Representation

6. Visits & Inspections

a. Singapore Prison

b. Companies

c. Hospitals

d. Dormitories

e. Representation in the Courts

7. Dispute Settlement

8. Awareness Programs and Campaigns 

9. Regular meetings with the Host Govt., Company Directors, Welfare Organisations 

7. Fees and Mode of Payment

I. IPA Attestation Fees

II. WEWB Membership Fees

III. Maid Visa Attestation Fees

All payments are to be made by electronically (by Nets).

NO CASH PAYMENT IS ACCEPTED in the High Commission premises.